Covid-19 crisis escalates in China


The spread of the coronavirus epidemic in China has reached an alarming level.

The epidemic in Shanghai, which is the financial center of the country, is remarkable.

In Shanghai, the largest city of the country, which has a state-detached administration, 425 cases showing signs of disease and 8 thousand 581 cases, which are called asymptomatic, were recorded in the last 24 hours.

In the previous day, 438 cases showing signs of illness and 7,788 cases not showing were detected.

The gradual quarantine announced at the beginning of the week due to the increasing cases in the city with a population of more than 26 million continues on the western part of the Huangpu River.

In Shanghai, it was decided to impose a curfew in the eastern and southern parts of the Huangpu River, including Pudong and its surroundings, for the period 28 March-1 April, and in the western parts of the river including Pushi and its surroundings during the 1-5 April period. was given.

The army is in operation

While detections are being made for sub-variants of Omicron in the country, health officials from many parts of the country are trying to control the situation in Shanghai. came to

According to PLA Daily’s report, the army also directed 2,000 military medics to work in Shanghai.

While many businesses and factories remain closed, the closure measures in the first giant factory of electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla outside the USA entered the second week.

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