Contractors do not know how to exchange money with Russia


President of the Turkish Contractors Association Erdal Eren said that the projects in Russia are still ongoing, but there are uncertainties in money exchange and projects of Western countries.

Participating in the Bloomberg HT broadcast, Eren said that they were looking for new places due to the war in Ukraine and Russia, and said, “Last year, we signed a new contract worth 11 billion dollars in Russia, and about 2 billion dollars in Ukraine. We brought people working there, but we need to create employment for them. We are looking for new places like Dubai and Africa. We started this year with hope and we are worried about what will happen with this war. Our ongoing contracts are 20 billion dollars in Russia and 3 billion dollars in Ukraine,” he said.

Adding to his words that the projects continue on the Russian side, Eren said that they are experiencing difficulties because there are uncertainties and said:

The projects in Russia have not been stopped, but there are unknowns. We are doing the projects of the Westerners in Russia “Will they be able to continue due to the bans in their country?”, “How will we exchange money with Russia?” Questions such as these stand out as the ones we are currently seeking answers for.

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