Child population rate at the lowest point in the history of the Republic


It was observed that the rate of child population in Turkey decreased regularly.

TÜİK has published the Children with Statistics, 2021 report. Accordingly, 26.9 percent of Turkey’s population was composed of children. It was the lowest data since 1935, when the first statistics were kept.

According to the results of the Address Based Population Registration System (ADNKS); As of the end of 2021, Turkey’s population was 84 million 680 thousand 273 people, of which 22 million 738 thousand 300 were children. 51.3 percent of the child population was boys and 48.7 percent were girls. According to the United Nations definition; While the child population, including the 0-17 age group, constituted 48.5 percent of the total population in 1970, this rate was 41.8 percent in 1990 and 26.9 percent in 2021.

Child population rates were above the EU average of 18 percent. The rate of households with at least one child was 45.3 percent. One out of every five-year-olds started school. More than 76 percent of the children in divorced families were given the custody of the mother. The girls were named Zeynep and the boys were named Yusuf.

Birth rate is declining

According to population projections; It is predicted that the rate of child population will be 26.6 percent in 2025, 25.6 percent in 2030, 23.3 percent in 2040, 20.4 percent in 2060 and 9.0 percent in 2080.

When the child population rates of 27 European Union (EU) member countries are examined

; In 2021, the EU average of the child population was 18.2%. Among the EU member states, the countries with the highest child population ratio are respectively; Ireland with 23.9 percent, France with 21.5 percent, and Sweden with 21.1 percent. The countries with the lowest child population ratio are respectively; Italy with 15.8 percent, Malta with 15.9 percent, Portugal and Germany with 16.5 percent. It was seen that the child population ratio of Turkey is 26.9%, higher than that of the EU member states.

Children to mother

According to divorce statistics; The number of divorced couples in 2021 was 174 thousand 85. As a result of the finalized divorce cases, 165 thousand 937 children were given custody. It was seen that 76.1 percent of the custody of the children was given to the mother and 23.9 percent to the father.

94 out of 100 children are digital game enthusiasts

94.7 percent of children in the 6-15 age group stating that they play digital games almost every day or a week He was seen playing digital games regularly, at least once. When the children in the 6-15 age group who stated that they play digital games were analyzed by gender, it was seen that 96.2 percent of boys and 91.8 percent of girls regularly played digital games.

While the average daily playing time of the boys in the 6-15 age group who stated that they play digital games was 3 hours and 2 minutes on weekdays, it was 2 hours 59 minutes on weekends. For girls, this time was 2 hours 18 minutes on weekdays and 2 hours 11 minutes on weekends.

54.3% of children aged 6-15 who regularly play digital games stated that they play war games. War games were followed by adventure/action with 52.0 percent, strategy with 41.8 percent, simulation with 27.5 percent, sports with 26.5 percent and role-playing games with 19.1 percent.
Internet usage rate of children was 82.7 percent in 2021.
According to the results of the research on the use of information technologies in children; While the rate of internet usage was 50.8% in 2013 for children aged 6-15, it became 82.7% in 2021. When internet usage is analyzed by gender, it is seen that while the internet usage rate of boys was 53.7% in 2013, it increased to 83.9% in 2021, while the rate of internet use of girls increased from 47.8% in 2013 to 81.5% in 2021. .

57 percent of those who go to school at the age of five

According to the formal education statistics of the Ministry of National Education; While the net enrollment rate at the age of five was 71.2 percent in the 2019/’20 academic year, it was 56.9 percent in the 2020/’21 academic year. When the five-year net enrollment rate is analyzed by gender, this rate was 57.4 percent for boys and 56.3 percent for girls.
The net enrollment rate at primary school level was 93.2 percent in the 2020/’21 academic year, the net enrollment rate at secondary school level was 88.9 percent and the net enrollment rate at secondary education level was 87.9 percent.

The most preferred girl name was Zeynep

According to ABPRS results; The most popular baby boy names for babies born in 2021 are Yusuf, Alparslan and Miraç; The most popular baby girl names were Zeynep, Elif and Asel. Of the babies born, 7,888 were named Yusuf, 6,218 were named Alparslan, 5,698 were Miraç, 10,63 of the girls were named Zeynep, 6,448 were named Elif, and 6,432 were named Asel.
The most used boy names in children aged 0-17 in 2021 in Turkey are Yusuf, Mustafa and Mehmet; It was seen that the names of the girls were Zeynep, Elif and Yağmur.

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