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The chemistry of the industry is changing with the Chemistry Technology Center. Adil Pelister, President of the Istanbul Chemicals and Products Exporters’ Association, said, “It is a project that will pave the way for the sector in exports, regarding the Chemical Technology Center to be established. We have been working on the project for about 2 and a half years. After meeting with 12 universities, we decided on Informatics Valley. The importance of being located in the triangle of Istanbul, Kocaeli and Izmir, where the chemistry industry is concentrated, and being at an advantageous point in terms of logistics, in a process where digitalization has come to the fore. The Ministry of Industry and Technology allocated a building of 7,500 square meters. We will have internationally accredited test laboratories and a digital library, which will add value to the industry. We will give certifications of sub-sectors. We will provide consultancy services to our R&D centers in our country.”

President of İKMİB Pelister, on the effect of technological transformation in the chemical industry, “0.57 kg in exports. value per unit and we’ve increased that to $0.94 in 2021, our new target is to increase it to $1.5. As the chemical industry, we supply raw materials and intermediate products to more than twenty-five industries. We are preparing the Chemistry Strategy Document. We received a lot of support from the report we prepared within the framework of the 11th Development Plan, we are working on the 12th report. We will organize a physical Chemistry Council at the end of 2022 and draw the roadmap from there. Our export target is 28 billion dollars this year, and we have an export target of 50 billion dollars in 2030. We are an industry that is 75% foreign-dependent. There should be at least 5, 6 petrochemical plants being established, as plastics dependency on foreign markets is 90%. It is necessary to increase predictability and improve the investment environment.”

For the project, which is planned to establish mobile laboratories to measure carbon emission reduction, İKMİB President said, “Ü , one of the most strategic areas for the future of our country and the world , chemistry.K chemistry sector s There are footprints in every aspect of life, from defense to automotive, energy to health and even food . Y high technology and high value added domestic product development will be a first in Turkey in line with our vision . Chemistry Technology Center ‘International Accredited Reference Laboratory Services’, Digital Library’, ‘Export Development Center’ and ‘ Innovation , me r will pave the way for the exporter We give place to projects,” he said.

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