Blinken: Ruble recovery not sustainable


US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that there are many manipulations under the recovery in the Russian ruble and that this recovery is not sustainable.

Blinken, who was connected to the American NBC television, also touched on the economy in his evaluation of the developments in the Russia-Ukraine war.

Blinken said that the sale of rubles in Russia was blocked, which artificially increased the value of the ruble. Blinken stated that this situation is not sustainable and that there will be a change soon.

Blinken said he believed Russia’s war on Ukraine was a “strategic defeat” for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Answering the question about whether Putin’s political power has weakened or not, Blinken said that the assessment of Putin’s power is up to the Russian people.

Blinken said, “Even though I believe this (war) is already a strategic defeat for Putin, the death and destruction it causes every day in Ukraine, the images on our televisions and social media are appalling. We have an important desire to end them. ” he said.

Presenter “Who’s side is the time here? If this is going to take another six months, can the Ukrainian army hold out? Can the European alliance survive? Can Putin survive economically?” To the question, Blinken replied:

“Basically, if we look at Putin’s purpose of subordinating Ukraine to his will and denying their will, taking away its sovereignty and independence, time is definitely on Vladimir Putin’s side. Because, as I said, sovereign and independent Ukraine has shown that it will last much longer than Vladimir Putin was in power

But the real question is still what will happen with time. How much death, what if this continues? How much destruction will there be? And it’s terrible. So we have an important interest in ending this, the Ukrainians have a strong interest in putting an end to it. We’re all working towards it. The way to do that is to give Ukraine the strongest possible support, while strengthening our own defenses. “It’s about putting pressure on Russia as much as we can. That’s exactly what we’re doing.”

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