Biden says ‘genocide’ for the first time for Russia’s actions in Ukraine


US President Joe Biden stated that the reason for high inflation in his country is Russia’s war against Ukraine and that Russian President Vladimir Putin committed “genocide” in Ukraine.

Biden made statements in Iowa regarding the recent increase in fuel prices in the country and inflation, which has seen the peak of the last 41 years.

Noting that they are doing their best to reduce the impact of price increases in the country on citizens, Biden said, “We were affected by the Ukrainian occupation’s increase in fuel and food prices all over the world. China, Russia and Ukraine, the world’s largest grain producers, do not produce as before. “The price of everything is increasing. We saw that 70 percent of today’s announced inflation is due to fuel and food prices.” he said.

Biden used the term “genocide” for the first time

Biden stated that they are working with Congress to reduce the effects of inflation, and said that “Putin’s price called “the increase”.

Stating that they release 1 million barrels of oil from strategic oil reserves every day to reduce fuel prices all over the world and in the USA, and other countries take similar steps, Biden said, “Your family’s budget, your power to fill your car’s tank, It shouldn’t depend on a dictator (Putin) declaring war and committing genocide.” used the phrase.

Biden, who described what happened in Buça as a “war crime”, used the term “genocide” for the first time for Russia’s actions in Ukraine with these words.

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