1 Million Dollar Investment in Mobile Gaming Initiative Gleam Games

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While Turkey continues to increase its dominance in the mobile game industry with each passing day, game development studios established in Turkey are also receiving investments one after another. Gleam Games , the developer of the Fruit Match – Sweat Journey game , has joined the Turkish mobile game companies that have received large investments today.

Gleam Games, whose first games have been downloaded by limited players for now on Google Play and App Store, managed to receive an investment of 1 million dollars in the bridge investment tour . Fatih İşbecer and Fırat İşbecer, who are among the important names of the ecosystem, took part in the investment tour led by Ludus Ventures.

The main reason for the investment is the trust in the company:


The main reason why Gleam Games got such a big investment with a limited number of players and one game The reason was the names behind the company. Gleam Games was founded in December 2020 by Eser Yoğurtçu, Berkay Bekil and Furkan Bekil , one of the first employees of Peak (which was sold to Zynga for $1.8 billion). It was learned that Kasım Zorlu from Activision Blizzard was among the consultants of the company.

While Gleam Games aims to support the global marketing strategy of its games with a 1 million dollar investment , it plans to increase its team from 23 to 35 by the end of the year. In addition to mobile games, the startup aims to make a difference in the game development process with its cloud-based LiveOps software called Marcus.

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